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Arny has held the record for photographing the most Playmate centerfolds in Playboy Magazine.

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I took French in school.” Devon never actively pursued modeling: “I didn’t plan on being a model, because at the time I was in school, I was 14 years old and in school, and you don’t think of anything other than academics at that age.” Her measurements are 33-23-33. Devon Aoki said, “I was never one of those people who know what they want to do from day one; I was always confused…there’s no blueprint of how I want things to go.” More from Mandatory: 13 Nude Celebrity Photo Scandals Aside from modeling and acting, Devon Aoki likes writing poetry and playing the drums.

Devon Aoki has modeled for a variety of houses including Chanel and Versace. When asked about the Iraqi War, she said, “I’m a peaceful person, and war isn’t the answer.” She added, “People don’t always take the time to learn about what’s going on, but I want to know what’s happening.

She attended high school in The American School in London.

Her father is former Olympic wrestler and Benihana Steakhouse magnate Hiroaki “Rocky” Aoki.

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