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There is no way in hell that i would be ok with my man leaving home to go be with another woman.

Here i am 5 years later on my own with 2 year old triplets and an extremely broken heart and spirit.

She fully excepted when i was there that he had to leave her to come stay with me.

And there were many more, 1 who he got pregnant after our marriage and used money from me to get an abortion.

Found out he was with 1 from before we met and they lived together, and she knew everything about me and had no problem with it at all.I wasn’t looking for a relationship with him because of the obvious stereotype but it just kinda happened.I felt my he’ racing while reading all these posts. So you have to always love yourself first and don’t ignore the red flags when they rise.Google like terms about this with other developing or less developed countries and see for yourself- you will be surprised.That said, I maintain that Jamaican (men are women) are some of the best, fun loving and true souls on planet earth (and perhaps in heaven :-).

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It's just people - and unfortunately, because of social or economic constraints, people will do or accept certain behaviors if they believe it will benefit them.

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