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Feel I'm wearing a cashmere sweater that, costs about ten times more than I need to stay warm right but I'm trying to communicate to people that I have an Italian sense of design and Sensibility, and they're not attractive me and even, if you're in a monogamous relationship and. Things have been pounded, into you from millions of years so you still want that canary yellow Ferrari in, your in your garage even if you're happily married even, if you love, your husband and have no plans of procreating, with anybody else you will still buy 0. Shoes, right so you, want to tap into these irrational margins, because a rational, in the consumer, world is Latin, for huge, margins, wealthiest man in Europe Bernard, Arnault Vuitton. Wealthiest, family, in New, York Estee Lauder making, your cheekbones look higher, you're a better mate yeah the axiom, of DNA. Need To open stores to maintain their irrational margins, if they want to be Microsoft, try they didn't do so well, execution. Known Actors reinvigorated their careers by pitching shows or movies to Netflix.Trying to get everywhere and then trying to select the smartest fastest, and strongest. Is the, algorithm creating, more shareholder, value the last 30 years of, any category more than tech huh almost, as much as finance depending on when you're looking at it how finance is it big, one but take. Feelings of love around these things let me turn 30 or 50 cents of powder into, something worth three to five bucks and P&G, and Unilever created, hundreds of billions of dollars in, value, you want to appeal to the irrational, instead yeah yeah, always say yesterday. The show I had Jordan Belfort wolf of Wall Street and he's a great, salesman obviously. Means everything I was aboard a gateway computer, we tried and it didn't work yeah but Samson's not catch an apple with those gorgeous temples, to the brand called Apple Store yeah so, you know I like that you call them temples, to the brand, yeah. In other words, Nostalgia repackaged sells and wins.Are the personal success factors, that you need and I a couple. He also told us we would have California weather and sure enough that's coming to fruition.

Usage guidelines Google is proud to partner with librai'ies to digitize public domain materials and make them widely accessible. Nevertheless, the discontent which ensued, as Freeman predicted, from the tinkering policy of the Treaty of Berlin has never subsided, and manifests itself from time to time in in- surrections in Crete and in those parts of Greece on the mainland which are still enslaved.

ll has survived long enough for the copyright to expire and the book to enler Ihe public domain. divided by an arbi- trary line from the other portions which were doomctl to remain under the rule of the Porte.

A public domain book is one that was never subject to copyright or whose legal copyright term has expired. And while by the secret treaty with the Porte, Cyprus was handed over to the English (a distant possession of very doubtful utility), Crete which Jay near to Greece, and was always longing and struggling for union with it, condemned to remain in bondage to the Turk, And th U was ' peace with honour." Even the grudging measures of relief meted out to Greece and Montenegro by the Treaty were not ful Allcd until a change took place in the English Ministry.

On the planet man most successful, man-made thing in history you say Google's, God yeah, because we used to pray to God when we didn't know something and now we Google it yeah and. Working with NASA to come up with these flying, taxis. Of that there's not that much more there's snapchat. Are they aggressive in, terms of lobbying is, go yeah they learned from Microsoft's, failure not to lobby, they have they spent a great deal of money on lobbying you talked about Facebook this, isn't a communications, vehicle I doubt you even take calls on this I don't trust people to call me on this only if they text me eighty, percent of our time on phone is in app and six of the top ten apps are, owned by one company Facebook. All of that is with Facebook he spent more on Facebook I've spent more on Google yeah but I mean it's it's nine, it's exactly what you put in the book 90, percent all right let me skip ahead I've got various things that I at. Of the Lower East Side of Manhattan is to, understand, the intersection between technology innovation. The, more, for less business strategy, is usually, the company that is the most valuable in the world it's the strategy of Walmart it's the strategy of China as a society, to offer the world more for less and now, it's the big winner there is Amazon, moving further down the tour so your, strongest instinct, is survival, most of us get up in the morning we know we've checked that box you were not worried about making it to the end of the day today you were confident, you were gonna survive so, you go to your second instinct which is procreation, this. Almost lost my mind I had to switch to that package where you get like 12 DVDs, I was like having here so, it. Want to open a restaurant you, want to produce movies, you want to go to work for Vogue you better get a lot of psychic income because on a risk-adjusted basis. For you don't party too hard of Vegas now I'm gonna do a second interview I get to slip and break a hip. 2017-12-07 This book will be obsolete in the next 10 years. That's when I knew he was the real deal 2017-12-16 Wow just an hour before watching this I was thinking "wow these companies are amazing, they're doing so much for the world." I love authors who give a different perspective on controversial issues. 2018-01-06 the internet was a good ecosystem of decentralized data then these companies went and put, sell your information to companies and here we are contributing to a centralized monopoly that does not help anybody sad world.

Week for the last five years uber just announced, it in LA they're. You'll I'll text somebody and they go it, didn't was an i Message I feel like you're like, it's something wrong print color sometimes I go to green they're like what the hell let, me read this this is interesting so I was talking a little earlier before we went live about how, I can't, tell if you love them or hate them or maybe it's a little bit of both but, you said. Through aggressive, litigation lobbyists, assuming. Market at the any country, with the exception of the US and when you add Facebook, into that you talk about that later in the book, Google. So Google, controls, Ad Words, they control You Tube advertising now, take, and, then you have Facebook controlling, its own and of course Instagram, ads which, are and really when, you think online outside. Could do an MBA in one year are you popular Eddie yeah as you can imagine with, the professor's, you can imagine I don't get invited to lunch a lot on my college you're, like you. Time you're pissing me off I said that I'm going to be serious NYU loves free thought and pre thinking even if you offend people the, second, year should have four pillars too and the four pillars should be Amazon Apple Facebook and Google huh to understand, these companies how they create value the instinct, they tap into how, they've been able to aggregate the GDP, of India across, the population. Who let their parents move with them and decided to take care of them - life expectancy, goes up two to three years new, mothers do not die it's, an instinct, to want to take care of others and when you the physical and mental nuance of taking care of others, releases, a hormone that clears out the bad cholesterol and you get to stick around on this earth a little bit longer, Facebook, taps into our need to love others and is creating first and second degree relationships. Yeah so open your cupboards open your closets, look at this fat pad and you think I don't need anymore and then the moment after you think that I think I'd like a bigger pad or I'd like a penthouse in Manhattan or I would like more clothes so. Running Netflix, where do you go next, oh I, would probably introduce, voice what about music why. Spotify, yeah that's a fair point there's, a lot of different ways they give you if you controlled it no what about legislation. Educate, no don't do that that's industry, I'm interested, in yeah free day see the race is from that knowledge okay I, think. Guys anybody, here is ever washed on Amazon, in one day, I mean Netflix in one day. That's open three hours Adrienne's, a newbie he was only watching three hours a day three, are that clear that means you clearly don't they, if you're only a three hours of stranger things well, I remember when, they were still delivering, DVDs, I Zack, here got me into into, The Sopranos, and, I. Job factor, what we just talked about once yeah you. All your success know on yours this is a great book check out the book. We all have an obligation to tell those we know who do or have else that guilt lies on us who don't. Today that would be upwards of thirteen trillion dollars. Feel good to say I knew Scott years before he blew up. ) he first, talked about This 4 horsemen framework at a lecture that you can find on YT.

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Whether a book is in the public domain may vmy country to country. One of the first acts of the new government under Mr. 1K80, was to invite the European powers to s Conference with a view to secure the fulfilment of the Treaty of Berlin.

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