Junior dating a freshman college

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Junior dating a freshman college

I think certain power dynamics come into play when those labels get attached to you and I think that influences certain decisions,” he explained.While Goldblatt is not a member of a Greek organization, he has many friends who are and acknowledges that gender can play a big role in who is welcomed into these spaces.

Students go about finding potential sexual or romantic partners in a multitude of ways: from dating apps such as Tinder or Bumble to meeting people through mutual friends and classes.

He has found that at Whitman there are often a lot of expectations placed on dates.

“Here people just assume you just want to get into a relationship right away.

Ellingboe has been dating her boyfriend since freshman year and feels that in some ways her experience has been much different than her friends and peers.

“I think that my experience has been different than what some other people have had; getting into a long term relationship during first year was absolutely not what I had planned or imagined.

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While there are many stereotypes placed on the Whitman dating scene, and it is easy to try to place blanket statements over the experiences of all students, there are multitudes of factors that play into the ways each student experiences dating differently.

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