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Labels food dating cheap

I introduced the Prepsafe Labeling System in my stores the minute it was first developed and haven’t looked back.It is a quick and professional way to keep control of food safety, allowing me to see who prepared the food, when it was prepared and its ‘safe life’ expiry date.Prepsafe have proven time and again our systems and their simplicity are world class, so why not jump on the bandwagon and join the 1000’s of other customers around the world who are already happily using Preppy.

I’m a big believer that your overall (mind and body) health starts in the gut.I am also in a select group of Training stores in Australia that are used to train future SUBWAY Store Owners and I always recommend Prepsafe to them as the best available food container labeling method.Neil Mc Auliffe Franchisee Owner, Subway I am John Miles, a Subway franchisee since 1997.PREPsafe really does provide a complete solution for your food safety program including Equipment and label supplies plus personal phone tech support and Equipment service facilities I am always looking for time and money saving ideas.The Mr Preppy as we like to call it ticks all the boxes for a busy Fast Food Restaurant like Dominos.

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