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We don’t give women the experience they need to get hired in the first place.” On her marriage to Jose Baston: “It’s respect.

We have so much respect for each other, and we support each other’s goals and dreams.

We have long suspected that Hollywood actresses were taking part in wild orgies, and now the photo above of Keira Knightley, Alyson Hannigan, Michelle Trachtenberg, Jessica Alba, and Eva Longoria all topless at a sex party appears to confirm this suspicion.

These Hollywood sluts are obviously the entertainment at some hot shot Jew producer’s orgy. Is there anything in the infidel world more revolting then a group of old whores well past their breeding age out on the town?

Anytime you’re in a position of power or leadership, you have to lead by example and hire women in non-traditional roles.

Those traditional male jobs such as cinematographer or stunt coordinator or editor [don’t go to women] not because they are not talented, but because they need to get a foothold.

2012 has been another banner year for degenerate celebrity depravity.

As proof, below are the top 25 celebrity butt photos taken in the year 2012.

We didn’t have our own channels to debunk rumours, so people didn’t get the inside view on how close we all were.” On how’s she championing other women: ““When you are producing or directing, you go through the door and you’ve got to leave it open for other women.

“Desperate Housewives” star Eva Longoria shows off her third world nipples and disgusting cellulite ridden butt in a clingy wet bikini through the fence at the US-Mexico border in the photos below.

These Eva Longoria bikini photos are a clear sign that the US needs to build a giant wall on the border with Mexico, ..

Mexican Eva Longoria is 37-years-old, which makes her 102-years-old in human years.

In a last ditch desperate attempt to ensnare a man before her dried up uterus prolapses out of her withered husk of a vagina, Eva Longoria poses seductively for the pictures below from GQ magazine. Actress and degenerate Mexican slut Eva Longoria shows off her naked ass in the photo above.

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“But you can’t really understand it until you experience it.”“He was born healthy, and I had a good pregnancy, an amazing husband and a great support system, my family and my friends, so everything was pretty smooth for me,” Longoria shared, adding that “it’s been a really great journey.”Eva has shared a number of sweet photos with Santiago online on her various social media accounts since his birth.