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Not just on the field, either; Johnson said there'd been a love-triangle situation back then involving a famous singer. After all, Portis didn't have to be here—he flew in just for it.

And though Johnson lives right up the road in Fort Lauderdale, he told me later, "I could've easily said, 'F--k no, I'm not doing this s--t,'" Johnson said.

"This is bigger than that petty-ass s--t.""This" would begin with what was laid out on the table before them: a dozen pieces of paper, each one bearing a headline from or about their past. Learning from the sad story of former NFLer Clinton Portis.

A gold Buddha pendant on a chain fell out of his shirt and hung there.

To put it mildly, the two had beef, according to Johnson.

As Johnson greeted everyone, Portis barely glanced up and then went back to Solitaire on his i Phone.

Johnson—wearing a red bandana like a headband, blue slacks and a fitted blue henley unbuttoned down his chest—took a seat beside Portis, who wore a fitted pink polo shirt and light blue jeans. Johnson adjusted his seat and leaned over the table.

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With this type of news, comes a lot of reactions from both sides of the debate.

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