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Michael Bense has our favorite recruiter headline and deserves a mention here as well.

Gordon Rae takes the biscuit with a humorous headline, wonder how it works when applying for a new job? I hope these headlines have given you some inspiration and will help you craft your own winning tagline on Linked In.

The headline is possibly the most important part on your Linked In profile.

“What they do at work has absolutely nothing to do with how they are in a relationship,” says Keegan.

Still, if you see someone on Linked In and absolutely can’t resist hitting on them, “Get the personal [details] off the professional site,” says Masini.

Tony Giovannini is a secret agent at UTV, what he really does is obviously shrouded in mystery.

Antonio Rocha Ferreira is living it up in Lisbon town, to find out more we have to click on his profile (and how could we resist with such a great headline? Unleashing that human potential on Linked In, Steven Pallesen has gone for an almost philosophical headline.

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That’s what happened with Katie Doble, vice president at staffing firm the Creative Group.

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