Mandating ultrasounds before abortions who was ann hathaway dating

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Mandating ultrasounds before abortions

The study found that the most important factor in determining whether a woman had an abortion at the clinic was her level of certainty about the abortion decision ahead of ultrasound viewing.

Other factors, such as not being able to pay for the abortion out-of-pocket, were also associated with not obtaining an abortion at the clinic.

Texas is one of seven states — along with Alabama, Arizona, Florida, Kansas, Louisiana and Mississippi — that requires ultrasound prior to abortion. Much has been written about the increasingly draconian hoops through which women seeking abortions must jump.

But it is doubtful that the legislators debating vaginal probes or abdominal wands considered the effect it would have on a woman who really, really wanted to be a mom, but chose otherwise out of love, to require her to submit to an ultrasound before being allowed to end her pregnancy.

The Wisconsin law, which took effect in July 2013, requires abortion providers to display and describe an ultrasound image to patients.

In addition, it goes a step further by requiring providers to display the image in the patient’s line of sight, whether or not the woman wishes to view it.

He also had to describe in detail her baby’s anatomy.

“It felt barbaric to have to listen to a description of a baby I had so badly wanted,” says Jones, who is 35.

In the late 1990s, when the trend toward making it tougher to get an abortion picked up speed, women were simply required to be made aware of the availability of ultrasounds as part of their pre-abortion counseling.“I could barely breathe.” Doctors take the Hippocratic Oath, pledging to do no harm.Yet it’s tough to argue that forcing Jones to look at and listen to the description of a baby she would never rock or cuddle didn’t cause her psychological harm.But the exemptions highlight the arbitrary ways in which various states are implementing their laws. ) Texas has the most restrictive law, requiring women to listen to the gallop of their baby’s heartbeat, before aborting it.Alabama — which simply offers the woman the option of viewing the ultrasound image — has the least.

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(MORE: Why a Mother Would Have Aborted Her Son) Jones chronicled her ordeal for the Texas, in the context of our much-wanted child.