Mary j blige dating kci internet dating a personal survival guide

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We cared about each other, but I wasnt in love with her. We would do shows together and afterwards I wanted to hang out with the guys and party and talk to fans. She would come up to my hotel and bang on the door, screaming and hollering at the top of her lungs until I came out.

She would come up to me at parties and disrespect my company.

I wouldnt doubt for a second that K-Ci is tellin the truth that n*gga does not look like the type to be tied down, much less when he was big and bi*ches would flock to that n*gga. I know a chick that does the same sh*t....she can't sing haha...."I was engaged to [K-Ci], and I actually went on a talk show overseas and that person had just done that talk show about a week before me. There was something, [but] it wasnt what Mary wanted everybody to think.I was telling the interviewer that I was getting married, and the week before he was saying that it was a rumor. It was a disaster that really embarrassed me." K-Ci, however, says he was never on the verge of marriage with Blige. She wanted the world to think that we were living a fairytale and all of a sudden I ended it.Plus Mary's a hood bi*ch, so I know how that sh*t goes. If he abused her thats wrong but mary has been laggin on bout the relationship for a min n now she depicting him in a vid. If him n jojo/jodeci comin with new sh*t thats free promo.Also just cuz u say u love someone doesnt mean yall gettin married.

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After all this time shes making a video about me and her?