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The combined purchasing power of Net Jets and EJM Europe cultivates unmatched economies of scale for Aircraft Owners on everything from jet fuel to aircraft parts, crew travel and training.

Similarly, EJM Europe also has the largest network of global providers which are audited yearly, meaning clients never have to worry about finding the best services in a specific location, or not being able to operate due to a lack of funds on behalf of the operator.

And that's above average I think unless you live at a domicile that barely qualifies with enough airline service and results in a few after midnight arrivals home (those pay 2 extended days).

I've seen some post on the various NJA threads about year to date FDP pay and I don't think I've seen anyone say over K so far, (could be wrong about that) and that might include the 1/3 that goes into your 401k.

Office visit is a flat ; ER and/or hospital admission is a flat 0; diagnostic imaging has zero copay.

If you add what you're paying for healthcare now that might make quite a difference.

Now you can make quite a bit more depending on how busy your fleet is. My questions are: 1) What is the override for 8 day rotations?

He has earned just over ,000 through the month of May. 2) If you are on the 72 schedule, how long is each vacation, including days off on either side?

Pilots have to go through the process individually to find out if they fit or not.

Sent from my LGLS991 using Tapatalk 1st year F/O pay on the CC76 starting this December is ,446, that's off the pay grid thread.

He is a former Flexjet pilot, 2001 or 2002 hire date. They are bid on a monthly basis right after the Crew Schedules are awarded.

I dont know him personally, but the pilot I was flying with knew him. Can I elect to take two days on either end of a rotation to block 10 or 11 days in a row off? 5) What is the height requirement to size test out of the Phenom? These 8 "lead-in" days combine with a vacation week for a 15 day duty free block. PTO days are bid through the portal on the company website.

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