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New grounds dating

Wanted to make my tier more interesting, as there wasn't much substance to it to start with.

So, I've decided to offer free bust slots for those who pledge this tier!

This will be a full set of animations featuring the new male avatar unlike the current dildo animation, which will also get a few improvements later since the model had to be updated.

Keep in mind this animation is still work in progress and will be cleaned up before public's the full projected animation set to look forward to!

Just want to share some updates: Henna Stories - part 1 & 2I've update both games with many of the feedbacks you have very kindly provided.

If you haven't checked them yet: part 1 part 2Henna Stories - part 3I'm nearly finished with the third part, and I hope to release it on the next week.

So, if you aren't selected one month, you may get the chance the following month! Any Species (furry/human), Gender or Bodytype accepted.

Momo Iro Software is taking the best of eastern and western adult game development and combining them into one studio.

People occasionally submit hentai games that pass the judgment phase here on NG.Our goal is to provide men with the best possible guide to understanding and navigating the entire mating process—from it’s beginning (puberty), through the different forms and stages of dating, all the way to marriage (or whatever form of relationship a man chooses).Part 1: Developing The Right Mindset Part 2: How Mating Works Part 3: What Women Are Attracted To Part 4: The “Why” Of Female Attraction Part 5: How To Be More Attractive To Women Part 6: Figuring Out What You Want Part 7: Where To Find Women Part 8: The Road Forward How To Stop Being Awkward And Creepy With Women How do I get a woman’s phone number when I’m talking to her? How do I stop talking to women as a friend, and start flirting with them? Helping Joe, Episode 1 (setting up Joe’s Tinder profile) Helping Joe, Episode 2 (Joe’s first Tinder date) How do you build confidence?I will try to pursue other careers for the meantime and maybe, just maybe, I could come back again and make games. I fixed the cave glitch and a handful of other issues. Let me know about all other issues you run into please!

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We are a small dedicated team that is currently working hard to put together our erotic visual novels like Milfy Cummy and our recently completed Earthy Cummy.