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Nswindow not updating

Take a look at the pic below to see what I mean (you can click it to see a larger version; you’re seeing the demo app included in the download). It’s why I do this, after all (and you thought it was sheer altruism, hah).There are a bunch of different constructors available, but in most cases you’ll specify a point (either in an existing window, or on screen) at which to attach the window, what side of the point the window should attach to (there are 12 options, plus an “automatic” setting which tries to position the attached window sensibly), and what view to show in the window.Take a look at the sample app to see more about how it works.Download, as ever, from the Cocoa Source Code page.Here is a capsule summary to use as reference in the context of these articles: As you modify your code to respect the current or effective appearance, you will probably need to make high level assessments like “is this appearance light or dark?” Because of the aforementioned complication that there are many types of NSAppearance, that they can be nested, etc., it’s not possible to simply compare the current appearance with a named appearance.If you control or right-click in any standard Cocoa application’s toolbar, you’ll see a contextual menu containing common configuration options. My first reaction in debugging this problem was to search the documentation for NSToolbar to see if there are any funny delegate methods I’m supposed to implement.The indicate the enabled state of these options, a check mark is supposed to appear next to them. NSToolbar has nary a mention at all of even the existence of this contextual menu!

It makes a sort of sick sense, if you consider the overlapping responsibilities of the toolbar and the window.This is what the menu looks like in Flex Time 1.0b5: No check marks! Before getting too deep, I tried a few web searches, to see if anybody else had already run into the problem. The next phase in my debugging process was to start hacking out code until things work. The Xcode developer tools ship with a source code example, Simple Toolbar (local link).Obviously the icons are small, and I’m seeing “Icon and Text.” Something is definitely wrong here. I found this from 2001 describing an identical problem. I figured there must be something funny in my delegate methods, so I just unhooked the delegate and let ‘er rip. I was running out of patience so I decided to attack the problem from the complete opposite direction. ” I would ask “why do all the other ones work right?To accommodate this, I extend NSApplication to offer an identically named property: This method takes advantage of Dark Mode, so it doesn’t have to replicate any of the important, but slightly clumsy “best Match” code either.Having these convenient methods at my fingertips has been a great aid because it allows me to quickly answer the high-level question of whether an appearance is dark or not, regardless of whether I’m implementing drawing code or making a higher-level semantic interpretation of the application’s user-facing appearance.

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As you adapt your app to support Dark Mode, you may run into situations where you need to determine, in code, what the active appearance is.

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