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Obsidian hydration dating principles

I selected obsidian hydration because I know nothing about it and love to learn.“adsorption of water on exposed surfaces of obsidian; if the local hydration rate is known and constant, this phenomenon can be used as a relative dating technique through measurement of thickness of the hydration” (Ashmore and Sharer, Discovering Our Past, 2010 p 270)“ In 1960, Irving Friedman and Robert Smith announced a new age-determination technique called obsidian hydration, based on the cumulative adsorption of water by volcanic glass.” ” (Ashmore and Sharer, Discovering Our Past, 2010 p 162)“For typical ranges of error values, hydration rate errors of 5% or less are achievable in the absence of systematic errors, with errors of chronometric age estimates are 20-30 % or less.(Rogers 2010: 3230)“ In a series of 90 degree C isothermal laboratory hydration experiments conducted on a variety of obsidians with H2Ot concentrations up to 1.5%, it was found by Stevenson and Novak (2011) that a t0.5 diffusion rate was not always the best statistical fit to the experimental data and some water diffusion rates were t0.6 or t0.7” (Journal of Archaeological Science, Vol 40, issue 7, Stevensona, Ladefogedb and Novakc . 1999; Skinner 1995; Rogers 2008, 2010; Liritzis and Laskaris 2011), and there is no assurance that artifacts recovered from similar provenances or locales have shared thermal and cultural histories. Is Obsidian Hydration Dating Affected by Relative Humidity? The specimen is then inverted and ground to a final thickness of 30-50 microns, removing nicks from the other side of the specimen.

Once a hydration layer has been measured, it can be used to determine the relative ages of items or, in some circumstances, can be converted into an estimated absolute age. I have visited the City of Ur and that kind of sparked my interest in this class.In my opinion archaeology is about finding artifacts and when they were created.Four rim measurements are typically recorded for each artifact or examined surface. Narrow rinds (under approximately two microns) are usually examined under a higher magnification.

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Two parallel cuts are made into the edge of the artifact using a lapidary saw equipped with 100 millimeter diameter diamond-impregnated .100 millimeter thick blades.

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