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Once Mod CD detects the DVD, press the enter/return key on your keyboard to select the installation DVD. Press any key on your keyboard to continue to the next step, where Mod CD will start the Mac OS X installer (this could take a while).

In the worst case scenarios, instead of loading the Mac OS X installer, you may end up at a dark gray screen that tells you to restart your computer (a kernel panic), or you may end up with a small crossed-out sign (a loading error).

The only exception is if you are using an AMD processor (in which case, install the Legacy Kernel).

Make sure that the partition is smaller than 1 TB, since Mac OS X cannot boot from a partition larger than that. On Windows 7 and Mac OS X, burning capabilities are built-in to the operating system-- just insert an empty CD into your DVD/Bluray drive, right-click on the Mod CD file, and burn it. Insert Mod CD into the DVD/Bluray drive, and boot the computer.Select it and continue to the Install Summary page. In order to get everything working right on your Hackintosh, you'll have to do some post-installation, by updating Mac OS X and installing some extra drivers and configuration files with Multibeast. Check out this fix to make Windows boot properly, and check out this fix to sync the clocks between Windows and Mac OS X.Click the "Customize" button on the bottom left of the Install Summary screen, and uncheck everything under the CUSTOM_OPTIONS section. This time, instead of ejecting Mod CD and inserting the Snow Leopard DVD, use your keyboard's arrow keys to select your hard drive with Snow Leopard installed, from the Mod CD menu. If the installation doesn't boot within 30 minutes, try entering boot flags again (you may have to enter different boot flags this time). For more details, check out Step 5 of our standard Snow Leopard installation guide. Hopefully, if everything went right, you've just managed to install Mac OS X on a hard drive that already had Windows installed. This includes changing "OSInstall.mpkg", the installer inside the Snow Leopard DVD, so that it supports hard drives with a MBR partition scheme.This means that you can install Mac OS X on a hard drive that already has Windows on it.

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