Qualifying women dating

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Qualifying women dating

It's all too easy to fall for a cute face or a sexy body and wind up with a time-waster, or in crazy love, or even in a bad marriage.And if "The Pitfalls of Cyberlove" have clouded your judgement before you even meet the other person, you're in even more danger.Again, in this case, see "Your Last Recourse" below.

Even if a new person passes the Commitment-Mindedness checks and you feel intensely attracted, keep your head.At this point, self-preservation must displace romance. If you choose option A, don't feel the slightest bit guilty about snooping.Put your plans on hold, take off your rose-colored glasses and recognize that you're down to 2 options: A. You were thinking of committing your life to this person; surely you deserve to know who he or she is.I'm starting to get pretty involved with her (him) and I wondered if you had any words of wisdom or warning for me..." They may not want to talk, or you may not believe much of what they tell you, but whatever happens, you'll learn something.Pass on anyone you can't trust or about whom you hear horrible stories from more than one source.

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The person you're falling in love with should be "inviting you into their life," and should be totally forthcoming about themselves. A barbecue, with people meandering in and out, is ideal.

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