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Login qc ID, qc PWD 'connecting to the domain and project td Connection. Using above code, now you are connected with Quality center for a given Domain and project.Connect qc Domain, qc Project 'On successfull login display message in Status bar Application. QC Connection is done Successfully" Exit Sub err: 'Display the error message in Status bar Application. Object td Connection as defined above can be used to access each and every objects available in the Quality Center, like Test Cases, Requirements, Defects etc.My old project team was very small (a handful of developers and myself as the sole tester).As we were a small team I removed the default defect status workflow for a bit of flexibility in reporting.Select Change, then the Defects tab on the resulting pop-up.In the left-hand pane open the Modify Defect tree and highlight the Status field.In coming articles, we will learn about the objects inside the quality center after authentication is successful.I want to create a Description field template in the Defects module in HP ALM so that some of our newer users have reminders of what to enter into the bug report.

Init Connection Ex qc URL 'Authenticating with username and password td Connection." s After Description = s After Description "Transaction / Process / WRICEF ID being executed when error occurred:" s After Description = s After Description "Summary and steps to reproduce the problem: " s After Description = s After Description "Relevant Data: Customer(s), Material(s), Vendor(s), quantities, etc" s After Description = s After Description "Expected Results:" s After Description = s After Description "Actual Results: " s After Description = s After Description "Immediate Workaround (if any): " s After Description = s After Description "Regression / Isolation Impact: " s After Description = s After Description " A screenshot of the Description field shows the template as it appears when called: There’s still a piece of work to do to update the code to use Action Names to ensure it’s the New Defect button in the Defects module that is triggering the New Defect dialog box, and not when creating a new defect from a test run, but overall the new template helps the testers to identify the information required. A check of the tables using the Excel Report Generator shows that the information required is held in the AUDIT_PROPERTIES table ( SELECT * FROM AUDIT_PROPERTIES).I’ve added a few custom fields to my Defects module, including several forecasting fields for breaking down various expected delivery times, and I now want to add a custom calculation field to add the forecasts together. A closer look at an individual record ( SELECT * FROM AUDIT_PROPERTIES WHERE AP_ACTION_ID = ‘11788’) shows that there are three rows created when the record is changed: one for the change in Status from ‘Fixed in Next Release’ to ‘Closed’, one for the change in Modified date, and one for the change in BG_CLOSING_DATE Due Date property with a new date value. AP_ACTION_ID FROM AUDIT_PROPERTIES AP WHERE AP_NEW_VALUE = 'Closed') and AP.With the Status field highlighted, the right-hand pane will display the transition rules section.Select Add, and add in the transition rules for each status change.

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The intention is that when they create a new defect directly in the Defects module (rather than via test execution in Test Lab) the Description box is pre-populated with headings to show the important information to be captured. Is Read Only = True On Error Go To 0 End Sub Problem: I need to create a graph showing the trend in closure of defects.

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