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New-Earth creationism is mainly promoted by people who believe that the Bible authors were inspired by God to write text that is inerrant -- free of error.New-earth creationists obviously cannot accept the accuracy of the C-14 dating method.The flood of Noah, as described in Genesis, Chapter 6 to 8, would have upset the carbon balance on earth by burying large amounts of carbon containing plants which became coal, and gas.This would lower the total C-12 in the atmosphere at that time and upset the C-14 dating process.

The instrument reads an apparent year that the seal died, which is older than the actual year.

A recently killed seal at Mc Murdo Sound gave an age of 1,300 years. This is caused by the well known "reservoir effect." These particular seals fed: "..of animals that live in a nutrient-rich upwelling zone.

The water that is upwelling has been traveling along the bottom [of the ocean] for a few thousand years before surfacing.

For example, they tested a piece of wood from Pharaoh Zoser's tomb with the known tomb date, which was known to be circa 2700 to 2600 BCE. Since then, extended calibration checks have been made using U. bristlecone pine, German and Irish oak, and other species of trees.

That work pushed the calibration back well beyond recorded history to 10,000 BP (years before the present.) Other correlations have extended that to 26,000 years BP.

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The Genesis flood is described in Genesis as occurring circa 2349 BCE.

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