Radioactive dating turin shroud

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Radioactive dating turin shroud

Rogers, who debunked the 1988 dating, because he had only the data published by Nature to work with.

Rogers maintained that the three Shroud test samples used in 1988 were cut from an outer edge on a piece of the cloth added later as a repair because of frequent handling of the Shroud in public veneration.

The carbon-14 to carbon-12 ratio was found to be 92% of that in living organisms.

Casabianca said the 1988 research, which dated the shroud between the years 12 with 95% certainty, was heralded as a “triumph of science” over “naive” Christian piety.

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The age-old controversy over the Shroud of Turin continues.

One side stands by a 1988 radiocarbon dating that proves the shroud came from the Middle Ages, not the time of Christ’s crucifixion, while believers continue to defend the Shroud as an authentic relic.

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Researchers “needed extremely strong evidence to contradict this unavoidable episode of carbon dating,” he said.

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