Radiometric dating activity pennies

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Radiometric dating activity pennies

We'll talk a little bit more about exponential decay in the next video.But this just helps you understand what's happening.

Half-life Pennies period remaining (heads) removed (tails)0 100 01 2 3 4 5 On graph paper provided, graph pennies vs time period.

And so, we can go ahead and graph our next data point. It's 0.5, of course, so, in here, that's about 0.5, and so that gives us an idea about where our next data point is.

There should be two milligrams left after 14.3 days so that's our point. And we could keep going, but this is enough to give you an idea of what the graph looks like.

After four half-lives, you would be you would be over here somewhere. So let me use red, so you could find where that is on your graph, and then go over to here, so that would be approximately right here, and then read that off your graph. We'll talk more about graphing in the next video.

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