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Sasunaru dating

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So those stories of the yaoi couples with a tsundere guy were real!

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YOU ARE READING Random Two kingdoms make a peace treaty when their new future kings are born. " A voice yelled as I was being slapped softly on the face. She hit the top of my head hard, and I was pretty sure there was going to be a mark."No..." I sighed. I blushed slightly and smiled, rubbing the back of my neck embarrassedly.

The two boys that are born will be wed when they are 17 years old. I groggily opened my eyes to see a blurry pink headed girl. " I asked her, ignoring her question."Answer me, idiot! Sakura jumped up and started to pack some clothing in a luggage. She rolled her eyes."I'll take that as a ' Yes, Sakura, would you be ever so kind and prepare my bath?

Father had just finished eating once I had gotten to the table, he was most likely going to see if the carriage was ready so we could leave once I was finished. "Hello, Prince Naruto-kun~..." She said, in a way I IMAGINE that she thought was seductive. Even before we started this trip, I felt a bit funny, and bored. I jumped out of the carriage, with the pain of sitting for a WEEK, and I fell on my face."Naruto! I told you to walk when we stopped for food and water, didn't I? Once I was standing, I saw that the city seemed to be in celebration. There were a lot of banners around the city that said"May it be a happy wedding for the two Royal bretrothed."I blushed and looked away, sad that I knew I wouldn't fall in love with her.

She glared at me, gesturing at the prince in front of us."You both are going to get married! " She hissed back, pushing me to him."H-hey, Sasuke? He smirked and walked up to me, causing me to back up until I was was up to the wall. Prince Sasuke smirked at me."You want to get to know me, dobe?

"J-just to get to k-know each o-other, you know..." I replied. He frowned and flicked my forehead, walking away from me a few steps."Well I have nothing for you to know." He answered, leaving me gaping as he went back to showing us where our rooms are.

Kurama and Itachi walked and talked, they were walking pretty swiftly. It gave him the chills on how quiet Itachi was being. "Itachi, nice to see you agian." Sasuke said looking at Itachi.

"I have been well, everything I have experienced so far has been pretty exciting! "So, Naruto is this the boy you were talking to me about last we spoke? Sasuke just stared at his brother as Itachi looked at Kurama so giddy. Pleasure to meet you." Itachi said finally looking at Naruto and Sasuke.

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Nice to meet you" Naruto gave him a small thumbs up and light smile, that gave Sasuke butterflies. Naruto looked at Itachi and Kurana lightly bumped him. Kurama and Naruto clearing their throats" We should continue with our meeting, so they're both prepared for the merge of the companies when they take over; Itachi so let's hop to it." Kumara said in a firm scolding tone.

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