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Sex dating in fraserburgh aberdeenshire

• Morag Rennie asked about the appeals process and what the protocol is? There is now a Clerical & Review, Mark & Review and then Exceptional Circumstances. Transitions Irene Sharp advised that there has been a review in the P7-S1 Transition.

S1 took a long time to settle so the new structure will increase the opportunity for P7 pupils to learn more about the Academy. • Parent Information Evening Start of year Wednesday 6th Feb. • Pupil Support Workers Visits WC 11th March • Moving on Days 4th and 5th March the P7’s will be split with half coming on the 4th and half on the 5th. This may take the line of an enterprise event – Visit Scotland.

We have already started working with the Primaries for the class make ups.• Induction days 14th, 15th & 16th June Increase in senior buddies looking after the P7. 16th Performing Arts Festival/Skills Development Scotland Science.Hoping the Outcome of this new structure will produce a more settled S1 with less anxiety. Irene Sharp Response – Give the pupils something to focus on work in teams and work together.Cllr Topping – asked if there was any non-English coaches or encourage to attend these events.Irene Sharp Response –EAL do after school classes to help parents develop own language skills, we are also trying to encourage EAL’s to become translators. AOCB Parents Evenings: Wed 30th Jan S2 Tues 19th Feb S1 Remarks back from the S3 Parents evening • The Booking system is excellent.

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• Mixed report in the changing of the location • Science Cramped – could overhear other teachers speaking to parents whilst in the room.

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