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So I haven’t written in a little while, sorry about that. AND if you do – remember that for next time and match with someone else. Now ya, I’m for sure going to miss the pubs and parties at my school with my buddies BUT this affords me a whole new slew of opportunities.

I’ve been busy with this new job I have at a bar across town. This is where you do almost anything to make sure that adult man you have your eye on comes home with you and feels like he is damn lucky to do so. This is probably the hardest part of the evening but the first step always is. No I am not talking about those family hang outs playing pictionary and eating buckets of pumpkin pie. The opportunities that I’m talking about are the one’s with all those girls that you used to match with back in high school. Those girls that you have remained an adult friend to over the years just so that you can have someone to bang when you come home for the holidays. I knew long ago that I’d need some female friends who would sleep with me while home for the holiday’s, so I put some ground work in when I was young.

Hayes agreed with Scroggs arguing that "a man's physical size is sufficient" to put him in a position of authority, according to the school’s policies.

The case involved black doctoral candidate Jeremy Rowles who asked out a white fitness trainer Annalise Breaux in 2016.

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She subsequently asked him to “stop making romantic advances toward her,” after he repeatedly messaged her.

She did encourage him to continue attending her dance classes which he did after apologizing for the messages.

Brad grew up in the Heartland of America, a place he called “Mark Twain country” and “Jesse James country,” and he stayed close to home during his college years.

Believe it or not, Brad Pitt studied journalism at the University of Missouri.

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The letter made her uncomfortable and Rowles's alleged, persistent behavior could potentially meet the school's definition of sexual harassment regardless of his "physical size."Let's look at the rule the student was said to have violated: Is this girl reasonably in fear for her safety?