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Experts claim that the nudist society has become very small today in comparison to what it used to be about 5-6 decades ago.It has also been said that a lot of people that you perceive to be nudists are actually exhibitionists.Commenting on the decision to include nudist and swinging holidays, product director Claire Willoughby said: ‘We are constantly looking at ways to improve our holiday and deals offering.Naturist, nude and hedonistic holidays were seen as quite niche in the past, but it is a rapidly growing sector, which is why we are giving it its own dedicated collection.’ There is a difference between nudist and hedonist holidays, even though they are grouped together.

Everybody in the nudist community is online searching for love and awesome dates near you.If you haven’t already booked a week on the Costa del Sol, or a fortnight in a villa with a pool in the South of France, then perhaps it’s time to spice things up with a naked holiday? It is believed that there are two types of nude – good and bad, depending on your perceptions and actions.Nudist holidays are people who like to be naked, however nudism is not sexual.Hedonist holidays on the other hand are for people who enjoy swinging and public sex.

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This is your moment to take a chance in your life, to find a special person to share your nudist enthusiasm.

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