Smoosh dating

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Smoosh dating

All so that Big Hot (or whichever lucky Hot it happens to be) does not have to embark on a grand machete-wielding journey through the jungle, and will actually stand a small chance of finding and maneuvering through my vagina.

In addition to maintaining the façade that I do not grow body hair, I also like the men in my life to believe that every nook and cranny smells wonderful and is sparkling clean at all times.

I'm aware that all of this sounds like an episode of "Will & Grace," and I'm probably breaking some girl code by admitting it, but this is just a taste of what all girls go through before they get it in. But we're not there yet, and I have to go get some extra downward-dog stretches in before he gets here.

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Look, you just can't wear a bra with a backless jumpsuit, OK? ”My purse is essentially a miniature dentist's office on date night, so the next step was to deep-clean my entire mouth.