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This is expressed through his desire to see Coon and Friends, his superhero team, become a major cinematic franchise.

All of this scheming comes to a head in his ultimate ability, where we get to see The Coon on the cover of major magazines and being interviewed in an episode of , before he performs a full-screen assault that slashes down every enemy.

Certain segments of South Park are initially closed off due to “lava” spills (i.e., red Legos piled everywhere), heavy boxes blocking your path and other obstacles.

But as you make your way through the game and make more friends, you’ll be able to call on them and use their powers (modified by your own) in order to clear a path.

As they attempt to solve the mystery of who’s abducting South Park’s cats, the kids have each adopted their own crime-fighting persona: Cartman is the Wolverine-meets-Batman mashup The Coon, while Jimmy becomes Fastpass, a lightning-quick speedster with a chest symbol reminiscent of The Flash, etc.

parody, and turned their attention toward superheroes.You have a small handful of powers, and those powers solve every puzzle in the game in a fairly straightforward manner.Much like the combat, I found the puzzles enjoyable Oh, did I mention that the main character’s primary superpower is farting?tracks progress of how many of these little navigation “puzzles” you’ve solved around town, but even using the term puzzle feels a bit like an overstatement.Within the first few hours of the game, I was familiar with the four or five different methods for solving any given puzzle — stopping time, gliding with help from The Human Kite, getting extra muscle from Captain Diabetes and so on — and the game never really throws any twists out there.

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But I’ve long since grown out of it; I probably haven’t watched a full episode in a decade or more.