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Speed dating oakland county mi

As of today though I am 38 weeks and that means we have 14 days to go!(doing a happy dance) So I get up about 3 or 4 times a night to pee right now and I always try to turn on the hall light or at least take my phone with me so I can check for anything during these potty breaks.I am hoping that I am like many women who lose their plug and go into labor fairly quickly afterwards.But I have also read that it is common to not go into labor for weeks afterwards. I am still a slacker in the being ‘prepared’ for the baby but I am improving.Disclaimer: This post might be graphic or TMI for someone who has yet to be pregnant or is very modest.

But they never tell you how much is a ‘normal’ increase in discharge.And no mine didn’t come with ‘the bloody show’ like some women.I bounced on my ball this morning until my back got uncomfortable and I have no idea if I have a slow leak now if this most recent plug piece just included more discharge. I have a baby shower I have to attend at 3pm so I do need to get myself together but I feel slightly nausea as I type this.then there are some women who don’t loose their plug at all! I have at least opened up the car seat and read the instructions on installing it but it isn’t installed yet.I have the diaper bag and the baby things together for the hospital but my bag is only half packed.

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The purpose of my posting about so many of the details is so that others don’t have to harass all their friends with questions like I do. That was my day and all I ended up with were Braxton Hicks which I thought was pretty lame.

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