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Srf devotees dating

Thou art the food and when I break my fast Of nightly separation from Thee I taste thee and mentally say God, God, God!No matter where I go, the spotlight of my mind Ever keeps turning on Thee; And in the battle dim of activity my silent war cry Is ever; God, God, God!

The blessings of God and Guru are pouring out to you. Next meditation he heard Ma’s voice say, “Om Guru” and he realized she showed him how it should be chanted.The supreme form of superconscious chanting, divine union through the actual perception of the purifying vibration of holy sound. Body and mind are charged with power as the vibrating rate is heightened. Do not create mental pictures – just chant the mantra and let the vibrations take you.It does not involve any physical or mental repetition of a word or words. Ommmmmmmm, Guru The difference is in the vibration produced. Chanting and praying aloud is strong, but silent worship has greater power. The practice of Japa as a sacred rite fills the mind with spiritual vibration. The supreme form of Japa is superconscious chanting.(DISCLAIMER: These notes are our best attempt to capture the essence of what was said at this class.There is always a degree of human error involved when taking notes and we have transcribed them to the best of our ability.)Let’s open this spiritual week by invoking the presence of God and our great Gurus.

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The yogi’s attention is concentrated on listening to the actual cosmic sound of Among immobile creations in God’s dream world—those manifestations in which animate life, mind, and intellect have not unfolded—His divine loftiness is most prominently displayed in the massive Himalaya, snow-crowned pinnacle of the earth, abode and guardian of saints.” (GTWA 786-788) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Mantra – holy word Japa – act of repetition Yajna – Vedic fire rite Yajna – fire is large and chanting has a strength of purpose and intention. Concentrate and be intense for a short period of time and you’ll feel the vibrations manifest. Cosmic Om is a vibration we can feel and a sound we can hear. From Master’s Cosmic Chants – Sound Is the Most Powerful Force in the Universe: “Sound or vibration is the most powerful force in the universe.

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