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Stale dating medical claim

Can we return the check if the item was paid fours day ago?

Is the bank liable for a check that it has paid on its customer's account twelve months after the stop payment order was dropped from the system?

I know that the generally accepted time frame for stale dated checks is six months, but I'm wondering how/if that applies to checks sent for collection.Submit claims/accounts as soon as possible and include all relevant information within four months of date of service – these are the golden rules for achieving prompt settlement of your medical claims/accounts by Platinum Health.This will assist the scheme to pay the provider before the account becomes overdue and members are threatened with legal action or held accountable for claims/accounts.BANK CONFIRMATION LETTER if the member changed bank accounts OR if the member has not been refunded during the last 3 months.SMS notifications Member statements with full details of payments are emailed or posted to members.

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Please note: It remains the member’s responsibility to ensure that the scheme receives all claims/accounts in time for prompt payment.

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