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And it does all of this efficiently, that is, fast.

Beyond standard Stax and SAX configurability, Woodstox allows much wider variety of configuration.

An XML document is considered ‘well-formed’ if it follows the normal rules of XML. In the example below we look at validating an XML document while using DOM, SAX and St AX. It is also up to the programmer to ensure that the start and end element events are correctly nested.To make the output XML more human-readable when writing to a text file, use the method right after a start element event to add attributes to the element.By contrast, when you use St AX, you can methodically step through an XML document, ask for certain types of events (such as the start of an element), iterate over the attributes of an element, skip ahead in the document, stop processing at any time, get sub-elements of a particular element, and filter out elements as desired.Because you are asking for events rather than reacting to them, using the St AX is often referred to as The basic function of the cursor API is to allow programmers to parse and generate XML as easily and efficiently as possible.

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This article demonstrates how to validate an XML document against an XML Schema by using Woodstox. It defines the employee element that contains id, name and salary sub-elements. From the main method, first successfully validate the valid file (see line 45 below).

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