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The original Tamagotchi was a virtual pet created in 1996 in Japan by Aki Matai, all white with black buttons.

In 1997 America and Europe got to see this Tamagotchi with seven adult characters, two teen characters, one toddler character, and one baby character, for a total of 11 characters.

The discipline meter was replaced by a good deeds meter accordingly. Occasionally, when the Angel eats candy, a bat appears and try to take the candy away.

The caretaker would then have to either make a loud noise or tap the Tamagotchi Angel unit (which would make a noise which the sound sensor would pick up) to scare the bat away.

It was scheduled for release in America as "Tamagotchi Garden" but was not released.

When a Mesutchi and Osutchi connect in the adult stage, their mating may result to a child.

Here are some examples of the American Tamagotchi P1 colors: The Tamagotchi Generation Two is very similar to Generation One in terms of programming.

The two "generations" have different characters and a different game in each, and a number of other minor differences, such as small differences in the Meal and Snack options and in the animation that is shown at the end of a Tamagotchi's life. on the front and the back would be yellow (if japanese),the sticker would have another character than kuchipatchi on it,the background on the screen is wavy,the special character is Zatchi (if american)or Charitchi or Sekitritchi (if japanese).

The option to discipline cases of misbehavior which was in the original Tamagotchi was replaced by the option to praise for doing good deeds in the Tamagotchi Angel.

The caretaker could not make it do good deeds, however.

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One adult character is a "secret" character, which means that one cannot get it in the way that one can get the others.

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