Thai dating guide

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Which is unique since Suchat’s butcher shop is inside a Thai wet market near my home. Having (เมียน้อย) second wife or mistress is common in all levels of Thai social economic level.From poor, to super rich and all the jack asses in between.I know keeping a gaggle of Thai women is a monumental task. But dealing with a bunch of needy gold diggers is not easy.Because Thai women are super competitive when it comes to keeping the alpha male.

But manageable for most guys living on a decent pension or passive incomes.If he wasn’t born into the family business he would never get women lining up to lick his sweaty balls after chopping up pig carcass.But his business although small has earned him a good living and choice picks of hot local girls, that don’t want to work and stay at home with a bit of cash for shopping.He has a reputation for keeping and sponsoring women and providing them with cash and gifts.That’s why he attracts a lot of gold digging whores. He realizes that women currently putting up with him aren’t with him for his youth, looks, wit and charm.

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Though Suchat does hang out at local watering holes where guys can pick and choose girls to keep them company.