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However it also is home of many scamers, hookers, etc.So use with care and, as always, don’t send any money to people you met there (or anywhere else online! Once again this is a free website with upgrade possibilities (see who visited your profile, send unlimited messages, etc.) The dark horse in Thai Dating sites seems to be Most free sites do not have any anti-fraud protection, so as appealing as it may sound that there is no charge, steer clear.Although the sites themselves may not be corrupt, scammers intoxicate them and use false identities to lure men to send them money.

Advice #3 To Finding A Thai Bride Online: Other free sites use the temptation of a ‘free’ product to lure members who in reality end up working huge debts on their ‘credit systems’.Advice #2 To Finding A Thai Bride Online: Another crafty and catastrophic trick targeted at innocent love seekers is the notorious phone scam.After speaking to a ‘nice’ lady online, she asks the man to call her on the phone.The women are also met by me in the Bangkok office so I can completely confirm that they are who they say they are and that they look like they do in their pictures.We are so convinced that we know the women inside and out that if you meet a Thai bride in person and her credentials do not match up, or she does not look like her online pictures, then will reimburse you for all of your expenses of the trip including travel, accommodation and service fees.

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Since there are SO MANY websites out there that try to make their money with setting up Thai girls and foreigners it’s impossible to cover them all so let’s hit the five most used Thai dating websites in this post. Not because it’s the most used one but the most recent one in the news. One of the most famous Thai dating sites is by far

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