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The goal of the game is to survive through the terrors.

This game is an adaptation of one of the scariest and the most famous movies to have ever come out of Hollywood, The hills Have Eyes.

Just like in the movies, you are trapped inside a mine and the icing on top of the cake is that you are stuck there with your injured friend who can’t help and is there to slow you down against your opponents. Sacrificium involves real life photographs that are used in the gameplay as the environment which gives the game a real life sense.

The game involves a machine gun as a weapon which can be used to shoot the mutants and horrifying being the mine sends your way. You have to explore a house to discover a truth behind a ritual that involves sacrificing the living to raise the dead.

The basement is sort of a lab filled with beakers, chemical and reagents which give the game a scarier look.

After she was caught, she was found NOT guilty, because of insanity.Our website is specialised for providing the scariest flash games to our public and you can play our horror games online without the need of downloading them! As the name suggests, the gameplay involves your character roaming in a haunted house trying to find a secret where he encounters all sorts of evil and sinister creatures.You will always be on the lookout of something scary coming at you from the dark because the game is really unpredictable.have been making some really good horror games that have been and even hallucinations in some cases.These games are mostly rated PG13 because of the blood and the horror scenes in the game.

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