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The vice guide to dating rich girls

But of course, when it comes to the big players no guide to Krakow's nightlife would be complete without mentioning Krakow's most wayward child, Prozak.

With its shameless (and yet not entirely without merit) door policy of letting in only fit Polish girls and rich foreign men you might expect the worst, but it regularly stumps up stunningly original house and techno sets that are surely wasted on some of the clientele.

As summer rolls on and the Polish students finish their exams and jet off to man the bars of London and Dublin, or to venture even further afield, the scene will change considerably.

Their number will easily be replaced by the high season's tourists and it's a safe bet that anywhere with seats in the sun, plus all the clubs around the Main Square, will be doing a roaring trade as excited young hedonists on holiday hustle at the bar to be the first to spend their zloty. So now that you know a little about Krakow's nightlife, don't you think it's time you checked it out for yourself?

If Krakow isn't short of a bar or two (about two hundred in total by all accounts), then you don't have to go very much further to find a club.

The roads leading onto the main square are chock full of doorways, which, unnoticed during the day, sprout big burly doorman at night and entice you in with the powerful thump of a familiar bass-line.

' doesn't guarantee the same sort of success that it does in the tackier joints around the Old Town.

One more thing you should remember about Krakow's nightlife is that it is heavily influenced by the seasons.

The explosive cocktail that is Krakow's nightlife: that's what!

Those of you that have spent any time in Krakow will agree with me when I say that there are few greater experiences in life than following your nose down a dark alleyway or into a cloistered courtyard to discover yet another fantastic bar that you'd never been to before.

But if you are new to the city, or are planning just a short visit, then you needn't worry, you don't have to be Keith Richards to track down a good watering hole - we at Local Life have done the hard work for you!

And where can you sample this heady and hedonistic brew?

There's no better place to start than in Krakow's splendid Old Town where, underneath a faade of ancient architecture, are housed countless dens of vice and inequity all eager to cater for your ill-advised pleasure.

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Now whereas many a young Pole feels that it is perfectly OK to rock up to a club at ten o'clock and make themselves comfortable for the night, the English amongst us know that this nefarious practice is in fact illegal.

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