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Trends of interracial dating

Despite these figures, there remains significant public opposition and stigma associated with mixed ethnicity relationships. I also realize that some people actually keep rats as pets, so all tastes are in nature.

Only last year, a Cheerios ad in the United States showing an interracial family sparked a vocal racist backlash. Because those dirty ape-like dark creatures are people after all.

We tend to form relationships with individuals similar in ethnic background, political and religious beliefs, social and economic status, intelligence, attractiveness and personality characteristics.

In view of this, we have decided to focus on positive relationships that can occur between individuals of different ethnicities, and some of the benefits of these relationships.

In the United States, one in ten married couples are interracial, an increase of 28% over ten years. A recent Pew survey found nine in ten Americans viewed mixed ethnicity marriage as neutral or a change for the better in society. Can you imagine a dark-skinned man putting his dirty paws on me (not to speak of other things)? I actually find that disgusting in a physical sense, as if dark skin was actually dirty.

Younger age and higher levels of education were associated with favorable views of mixed relationships. I realize that melanin causes that disgusting colour and that white people have melanin too and may even have a few small dark patches such as freckles.

found that “[i]nterracial relationships are often portrayed on television as less intimate than same race relationships.” Perhaps this trend has played into interracial couples feeling pressured to tone down public displays of affection.

Interracial relationships have increased significantly in both number and visibility, however, since 2005, when Vaquera and Kao published their paper. By 2017, the Pew Research Center found that the number rose to 10 percent, with 11 million interracial marriages in total.

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