Unconventional dating

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Unconventional dating

For another way to explore your surroundings with a fresh set of eyes, put together a scavenger hunt for your significant other.The warmer weather will allow you to finally spend long lengths of time outdoors, so get creative with an epic adventure.Use your finds to cook up a romantic dinner at home, letting yourself get creative if it's an eclectic collection of ingredients.If either of you plays an instrument, take your talents outside for an evening session of jamming out.If neither of you are musically inclined, let a bluetooth speaker stand in.

Make sure you hit all the attractions you've probably avoided you entire time living there, and get someone to snap a pic of you two in front of all your city's hotspots.

Have the clues relate to milestones in your relationship or lead to spots from your previous dates together.

Commit to eating only food truck food for the day and knock off a handful of bucket list destinations from your list.

Love and springtime go hand and hand, so make the most of it with an arsenal of foolproof plans for memory-making.

Whether you're organizing the best first date ever or keeping the love alive with your longtime beau, these activities put the typical dinner-and-a-movie to shame while also taking advantage of the warmer weather and longer days ahead.

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The sands will be clear prior to beach season and the weather will be warm enough to enjoy a pleasant stroll.