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Updatecommand not updating

Just a guess but it is probably one of the dates you're trying to update or the yes/no field.

Next step would probably be to start manipulating the update data until you can get a good update then go back to your app and massage the data before doing the update.

I have attached my Access Data Source control and the eventsa that perform the update.

Please could anyone suggest why the Update is being ignored?

When i double-click the Row Header, a detailed view of the selected customer will pop-up.

In the main form, i have a Data Grid View which binded to a Data Set.

Hi Both, I have checked out your article and I'm afraid it doesn't help in my situation as far as I can see.The Insert Command , the Update Command , and the Delete Command properties of the Sql Data Adapter Object update the database with the data modifications, that are run on a Data Set object.The following C# code samples demonstrate how to use the Sql Data Adapter object to update a SQL Server database using Update Command properties .It steps through the code, but for some reason, the field is still updated. Protected Sub sds Companies_Updating(By Va I am not having a problem detecting the null. I'm not finding any documentation to back me up, but my guess is that the Updating event happens too late to change the text of Update Command itself.My code runs the string.replace statement, the problem is that it does not seem to have any effect. My understanding is that the Updating event is you last opportunity to modify the values you are adding to the database.

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