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Updating furnace filter

They don't anymore you got the expected life out of it) Yea, XE70s love to split open their heat exchanger.

Boss had one, the guys watched that sucker like a hawk til one of them found cracks!

Eventually all that dust ends up in the blower motor, which can then overheat, causing the fuse to burn out and possibly even catch on fire.

The fix is simple in this case: replace the furnace fuse, replace the filter, and have the system thoroughly cleaned.

If you’ve been neglecting HVAC preventative maintenance, you may be surprised to find that it’s not as expensive as you thought, and can actually pay for itself in cost savings.

If this is the problem, your technician will need to replace the motor.If you have a gas furnace, one of the valves may be failing.When a valve is unable to open and close properly, it can sometimes heat up, causing an electrical short that blows a fuse.It may take some time to find the problematic wire, but fixing or replacing the loose wire will take care of this problem.To prevent this problem in the future, make sure you have your system regularly inspected and tuned up, to keep those wires tightened and prevent shorts.

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But when it happens again (even after Santa has left the building along with the spike in your electric bill), you’re probably wondering what to do now.

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