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Of course the other question pinball wizards likely are wondering about: “Taito making pinball?” It’s a good question, but there is a good chance that behind-the-scenes they are in talks with one of the pinball houses here in the States for manufacturing, which would go towards alleviating some concerns in that regard.This is NOT active gameplay, but the attract mode that takes place while waiting to be played.

takes advantage of Taito’s strongest IP and combines it with a game style that has never done terribly well in Japan(pinball).A cross section of my artwork in 20 for collectors, galleries, exhibitions and several modern art museums.This blog still contains just part of the works I produced in this period, I'm updating the blog.My body of conceptual work originates from a fascination with technology and machines and their impact on society.In my practice I incorporate the leftovers and waste of the mass produced materials and products that make our modern lives possible.

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