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SQL Server Management Studio for SQL Server 2016 automatically checks for updates. Do the updates run without you noticing it or do you get the chance to choose whether to apply the update or not? Every new version of SQL Server comes with a new version of SQL Server Management Studio that adds support for the new features.

Although all releases of SQL Server have periodical updates that fix some issues during the software lifecycle in the form of Hotfixes, Cumulative Updates or Service Packs, those updates did not always cover SQL Server Management Studio.

We've streamlined the installation and update experience to make it easier to use directly from within the IDE.

Here's how to update from version 15.6 and later to newer versions of Visual Studio.

Putting the SDF files on an SSD fixes the problem but should not be necessary.

VS needs to use the SDF file more efficiently and not do blocking SDF operations, ever. Unload and reload the CPP project in the solution helps to solve the red lines..

And if you'd like to try out our newest version, consider downloading and installing Visual Studio 2019 instead.To bring back the Visual Studio Intellisense, just follow the below simple steps: That’s all!If you faced similar issue in your Visual Studio IDE and unable to bring back the beloved intellisense menu, here is the solution for you.This is a common issue that the developer faces after the productivity plugin license expires or the developer uninstalls to install a new set of tool.I've noticed that the auto complete feature in Visual Studio no longer works properly once my project has reached a certain size (in my case ~4,100 lines of code).

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