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Updating marc records

The tool can also help you find Dewey numbers based on subject. If there is a Dewey number associated with it, it appears in the Update Dewey...section and can be used to update your MARC record with the selected Dewey.Lists are changed using the dropdown at the top of your records grid. You can put records into lists during import, by right-clicking on selected records and choosing Add to list..., or in batch by using Selection, which is similar to a global edit but it only has conditions.It defaults to All Records, which is equivalent to the Master List in MARC Magician. When you run the selection, records that pass the conditions can be added or removed from a list.Best MARC's editor has a new tool called Subject Explorer to help you find additional subject headings.Under the Tools menu, choose Subject Explorer to open it, or click the Explore Subject button next to a subject or Dewey.This lets you select holding fields by name based on the automation system you've set up in your profile.

You select the appropriate Global Edit command, enter the options to perform, and then run it against your database.

Are you an experienced MARC Magician user just getting started with Best MARC?

This document helps outline common MARC Magician features and their equivalent features in Best MARC, as well as features new to Best MARC that were not in MARC Magician. The first thing to do in Best MARC is to set up your Profile.

Each command is distinct and must be re-configured with each run. MARC Magician's global edit commands have been consolodated into these four global edit types depending on what you are trying to do.

The options on the left change based on the type of global edit you've selected.

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You can choose from the selected material type from the search page, one of your Templates, or one of the templates that were shared among your colleagues.