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Forum posts included some fairly nudge-nudge, wink-wink instructions for evading the serial number check required to download the software.

The new operating system is fantastic (at least from this blogger's few minutes of playing with it).

It's faster, includes a Mozilla-derived Web browser, and boosts the speed of the N800's internal processor from 320MHz to 400MHz.

After months of waiting, You Tube is finally usable.

Now that we have a toolchain to build for arm, let's clone linux-omap tree to get something to compile. You did not expect current tip would work, did you?

After trying various versions, I ended up on a post 2.6.30-rc8 commit: 151c7a7fc30cceb58e7999adbf3ad5e0c734b4a7 Date: Wed Jun 3 2009 -0700 twl4030: Add some error checking to twl4030 init Check for return values of i2c read/write operations and size of scripts bei uploaded to TWL4030 (Removed the unrelated string changes based on David Brownell's comment) Signed-off-by: Amit Kucheria but this will simply not work.

While all eyes are on the new N810 Internet Tablet, this operating-system release makes the N800 one of the best buys on the market--and an i Phone competitor.

The Internet-enabled wireless device now includes support for video-based chat using the built-in Webcam, Skype, voice over Internet Protocol, or Vo IP, service , as well as a very active developer community.

N800 owners no longer need to follow these instructions to update their OS.

I mean the resulting kernel does not boot on my device.

I suspect this is related to the fairly recent addition of CONFIG_ARM_UNWIND option and the fact it is activated by default: CONFIG_ARM_UNWIND: This option enables stack unwinding support in the kernel using the information automatically generated by the compiler.

To create this article, volunteer authors worked to edit and improve it over time.

For the reasons explained below, let's first install a recent version of gcc-4. If you use Debian as your development environment (I suspect this is also the case under other common distributions), you will quickly notice that there is no package available providing what you are looking for.

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The N810 Wi Max Edition will also ship with the latest Internet Tablet operating system that includes an enhanced e-mail client and a Seamless Software Update that will provide over-the-air software updates to your device--no more manual updates (huzzah! Pricing has not been set at this time, but Nokia said it wouldn't be much different from the current N810, which is priced at a costly $479.99.

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