Updating olevia firmware

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Updating olevia firmware

The set found a couple of dozen HDTV channels via a roof-mounted antenna, but then trying to actually display these channels presented an unwatchable broken-up image.I tested the same antenna feed into two other HD tuners (Samsung and Sony ATSC tuners) and these both had no problems tuning in the channels.

This mode is included in order to protect the TV settings from the curious prodding of the general public in an electronics store.In terms of its aesthetics, the styling of the Olevia TV is actually quite nice for an entry-level HDTV.Our review time with the Syntax overlapped with the similarly priced and similarly feature-laden Vizio L42, and my wife (the one with the discriminating eye in the family) definitely preferred the design of the Olevia.The Syntax folks describe the GUI OSD (On-Screen Display) menu as "easy to use," but I found it anything but.The menu does include a cool visual effect of a rotating 3-dimensional icon that changes as you scroll through item menus, but I found it very difficult to navigate and to get used to, particularly since there is only one option on the screen at any one time, instead of multiple choices as you'd see in standard menus.

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And if you don't like the speaker placement on the bottom of the unit, you can move them to the sides (with an optional mount) or remove them entirely leaving just a sleek black flat panel, with a fairly thin frame, ready for wall-mounting or in-cabinet installation.

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