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Updating simulink models

Parts of a Model introduces concepts and vocabulary that serve as a foundation for learning about and using Simulink beyond the basics.

Start the Simulink Software To build Simulink models, use the Simulink start page, the Simulink Editor, and the Library Browser.

The cost quantifies the degree to which the controller has achieved its objectives.

The Challenge Let's say I create a library block with 2 mask parameters, a and b A few weeks or months later, I decide to modify the library and combine a and b into only one, equivalent parameter c: The next time a user will open his model using this library block, he will receive a warning like the following: and the value for the new parameter c will be the default coming from the library. The Solution To avoid loosing values for a and b stored in the model, you can write a transformation function. In the Library Properties dialog, go to the Forwarding Table tab and add an entry for your block: Create a transformation function to process the value of a and b stored in the model and create the new value for c. But what would have been even more useful, is an example where you add two parameters to the new block.

Find Model Elements in Simulink Models Use different approaches to locate model elements, based on model complexity and goals.

Update Diagram and Run Simulation Updating the diagram provides the simulation with the results of the latest changes that you have made to a model.

Create and Open Models Use the Simulink Start Page to select a model template, open recent models, and find examples.

Model Editing Environment Use the Simulink Editor and the Library Browser to create models and set model properties.

Manage Model Versions and Specify Model Properties View and edit model version information, history, callback functions, and the model description.

Add or Read Notes for Model Layers Describe models with text or website content for each system.

Describe Models Using Annotations To help others to understand a model, add visual elements, such as descriptive text, images, or buttons that perform an action such as open a link.

Search and Edit Using Model Explorer Describes Model Explorer controls to find and modify model elements and customize views.

Use Viewmarks to Save Views of Models Bookmark a view of a model so you can quickly go to that part of the model later.

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To define a parameter value that multiple blocks or models use, you can use variables.