Updating social media one place

Posted by / 29-Apr-2020 20:57

Updating social media one place

If you’ve amassed a large, diverse social media collection, it’s safe to say you’re probably having a hard time keeping up with them all. So which ones should you be comfortable putting the brakes on, and which ones should you be ramping up for them to be useful?

Dedicate one hour a week to tracking down four to six pieces of content (articles, videos, photos, quotes) on topics you want people to begin associating with your name.Because the hierarchy that factors into the real world doesn’t seem to apply here, it’s much easier to spark conversations and start discussions with industry influencers here than it is via a straightforward email.If you’re on Twitter and serious about building your personal brand, I’d recommend increasing the amount of time you spend on the platform.Both platforms offer an interesting opportunity to give recruiters and industry influencers a sense of who you are not just as a business professional, but as a person.If you’re already pretty active on one or both, you can focus on finding ways to integrate more information about your experience and expertise, including photos of you at industry conferences or links to your latest guest blog.

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When I work with my clients on creating their Pinterest presence, for example, we always go in and create six to eight initial boards.