Validating gst registration numbers

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Validating gst registration numbers

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There could situations where the supplier may use fake GSTIN ID and supply the goods to the customers.

Along these lines, to tackle with such issues you should validate the GSTIN of a new supplier every time to ensure proper GST Compliance.

Verifying GSTIN or Search GST Number with few clicks is the need of the hour to ensure that your paid GST taxes land up in the right pockets.They risk having input tax credits rejected if they do not validate GST/HST numbers.DMA provides clients with a Canada Revenue Agency GST/HST Registry Lookup Solution.The businesses do not want to be seen as violators but also do not wish to be a part of the new taxation regime.This is leading to an illegal and hazardous scenario, wherein the so-called GST invoice reflects the GSTIN ID with the proper CGST SGST break-up and the tax is collected from the consumer but doesn’t head towards the government, because it is fake.

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In such a case, the supplier may create bogus inward invoices to adjust the amount of tax liability against no genuine supply of goods.

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