Validating vision mission and core values

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Validating vision mission and core values

Together we create our unique culture by integrating our values.

Principal Allan Dueck announced that Bethany Christian Schools has earned dual accreditation from the North Central Association Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement (NCA CASI) and from Mennonite Education Agency (MEA).

"Accreditation by these two bodies assures parents that the school is meeting or surpassing nationally-accepted standards for quality and Mennonite Church USA criteria for Christian education." To earn accreditation, a Quality Assurance Review Team (QART) of educational professionals representing both accrediting bodies visited the school and verified that Bethany meets both NCA CASI and MEA's high standards and is operating with institutional integrity-fulfilling its vision and mission for its students.

Bethany was judged to be highly functional or operational in all seven standards for accreditation: vision and purpose, governance and leadership, teaching and learning, documenting and using results, resource and support systems, stakeholder communications and relationships, and commitment to continuous improvement.

Third, QART commended Bethany for demonstrating a strong commitment to Anabaptist-Mennonite education and distinctives in blending academic excellence with Christian faith-integration that provides opportunities for students to both achieve and prepare for a life of discipleship and service.

Fourth, QART commended Bethany for exemplary efforts in completing "Validating the Vision," a comprehensive self-assessment that provides a baseline to measure future effectiveness.

All stakeholder groups, including community members not affiliated with the school, contributed in part fort he report.

And as part of the self-assessment, the school developed an action plan, which among other priorities, included conducting an alumni survey, reviewing the music program, and implementing the Ophelia Project to help middle school students build respectful and compassionate relationships.

Finally, QART recommended that the school, as it has done for state accreditation in the past, implement an annual student-focused school improvement plan.

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