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Posted by / 04-Jun-2020 10:20

Verizon fios tv remote dvr updating

I turned these back on in the router settings but when I get to the part in the wireless setup to push the WPS button on the router the connection fails. I have had the news Fios One boxes for probably a month.

When I get the new box, how does my settings from the cloud get back in the box. I do know recordings don't count but this time of year there are so few shows to record that I have no unwatched recordings. The legacy set top boxes run different software then the Quantum boxes. So you would have to manually set them to 1080p as such.

If I reset the boxes with the support tool it seems to fix it for awhile. I fixed it last night and tonight it has started again. I thought that maybe I could try connect the box to the media server by wifi but that connection won’t work.

Finger tight "plus" an 1/8th turn with a 7/16th open end wrench.

That night we rented an on demand movie and the random freezing was back.

I just ordered a Quantum DVR to replace my 2 tuner DVR.

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