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Whatever possibly suicidal updating

Athena's excited about school, which is what you hope for, and I think she's very much looking forward to meeting some kids her age here in town; most of her friends are from other towns, thanks to her preschool, which pulls in kids from all over the local area.

Academically, I don't know what kindergarten is going to do for her, since their goals for the year are to get kids started on reading and numbers, and Athena already reads and can add and subtract.

“Pt transported to Lower Manhattan ER and worked for 20 minutes and called.

Hospital administrator was alerted, preparing statements,” read another post.

There's also an open house on the 26th, so we can go in and meet the teachers and do all that stuff.

I also learn that there is a dress code -- no midriff baring shirts, no shorts after September or before May, and no clothes with gang, drug or potentially offensive markings or sayings; basically, the school doesn't want the kids looking like thugs or ho's.

I realize I'm in an extreme minority here, but I have to say I'm pretty much totally unconcerned about Athena pulling up something objectionable on the Internet, and as for viewing something inappropriate, I think if she did her first reaction would simply to be to ask what it is that she's viewing.

Every once in a while I do that mental check, asking myself how I feel about my kid starting actual school; you know, it's one of those big "passage of time" markers. She's ready, you know -- she's been bored with preschool for the last couple of months because they're beginning to repeat stuff she's already done, and she's at an age where she wants to spend more time with kids her own age.

This isn't the same as telling her she can't see something, which I figure she'd eventually interpret as a challenge.

It's telling her it's something she's not likely to have an interest in at this point, which so far she has every appearance of understanding.

February 10, 2012 TORONTO, ON – Former Toronto Maple Leafs Captain Mats Sundin announced today he will establish an elite scientific exchange program in the field of developmental health between the University of Toronto and Karolinska Insitutet in Stockholm, Sweden.

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The user also reportedly said on 4chan that staff at the Metropolitan Correctional Facility in Lower Manhattan attempted to revive Epstein for 40 minutes before he was transferred to a hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

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